Friday, July 27, 2012

Short or Long Birdesmaid Dresses?

What do you like better on bridemaids..long dresses or short ones? Your bridal attendants are the people you feel closest to who have supported you (and your relationship) from the start. With all that going for them, you want to make sure you choose bridesmaids dresses they're going to love. So short or long is really matter?
If your wedding will be more on the casual side, then check out photos of knee-length, tea-length, or even mini dresses for bridesmaids.

Hosting a formal wedding? You might prefer ankle- or floor-length gowns for your maids.

After all, you should also decide the length according to your taste and your bridesmaid's faver. In addtion, if not all your bridesmaids want to short or long, different is also can be perfect, just remember: let your bridesmiads show their own style and enjoy the wedding.