Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Wedding Colors

Some people are going to hold their wedding in summer. First they have to decide the main tone of the whole wedding. Here we give a series of color palettes to help you plan your summer wedding.
1. Purple, Pink, Lime
We imagine this sophisticated color palette at a rooftop wedding with sleek white lounge furniture and sassy cocktails on offer at the Lucite bar. Stick to deep pinks and moody, wine-based purples. Bursts of bright green add just a dash of masculine energy. United by these colors, details like graphic invitations and minimalist centerpieces capture our vision of the perfect summer-in-the-city wedding.
2. Red, Lime Green, White
Ripe, juicy strawberries are the definitive summer fruit. We love the idea of pairing vibrant strawberry-red with crisp lime green for a picnicky color palette that feels fresh and cheerful. Lawn games, mint-sprigged drinks, and DIY d├ęcor add loads of lighthearted charm to the backyard wedding we’ve created here.
3. Pink, Peach, Yellow
This luscious color palette reminds us of summer’s many culinary delights: sliced peaches, pink grapefruit sorbet, and sipping pink lemonade on a warm evening (preferably on a porch swing surrounded by fireflies). From juicy frozen fruit pops to cotton candy-colored bridesmaid dresses, here are some ways to use these sweet summer colors throughout your wedding.
4. Blue, Yellow, Orange
Does anything sound more refreshing on a parched summer day than rum punch served over ice in a bright blue glass? Recreate that feeling for guests with a color palette that combines sunny yellow and orange with soothing aqua blue. We’ve found lots of ways to embrace this bold, preppy palette, from lush, vibrant bouquets to customizable tins of lemon candies. Browse our ideas and get inspired!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hairstyles & Wedding Gown’s Neckline

Today we are going to tell you how to choose a hairstyle that complements your wedding gown's neckline.

Bateau + Reverse French Twist
This neckline falls right at, or sometimes above, the collarbone, making an updo your best bet. Anything too sexy or casual won’t fit with this demure look, so stick to a clean, sophisticated hairstyle. Here, we update the French twist by gathering hair at the crown, twisting down, then wrapping the twist into a neat chignon.

Illusion + Half Updo
An illusion neck (one with a sheer fabric panel extending from the bust to the collar) offers some versatility. If the illusion part of the bodice is beaded, try a full-on updo to show off the details. But if it's plain sheer fabric, a half-up/half-down style is a nice compromise. For this look, have your stylist tease at the roots to create lift, then twist the top portion into a mini bun.

High Neck + French-Braid Updo
You can beautifully showcase a high neckline with an updo that pulls hair completely off your face and shoulders. Make a side part, then create two tight French braids—one that runs asymmetrically across the top of your head, and another that runs straight back. Twist them together in the back and pin. For more dimension, add a veil or a large flower.

One Shoulder + Asymmetrical Twist
To create visual balance with a one-shouldered gown and avoid obscuring any special details, like the bow on this design, request a style that's anchored to one side, opposite the strap. An off-center chignon echoes the asymmetry of the neckline and feels sexy and modern. Ask your stylist for brushed-out curls twisted to one side and pinned loosely.

Strapless + Glamorous Waves
A strapless neckline offers the perfect opportunity to wear hair down: Long locks help to 'break up' the amount of decolletage on display. For this look, ask your stylist to give you a deep side part and gently brushed-out curls (or just say you want 'Veronica Lake waves'). A silk flower pin tucked behind one ear will keep hair out of your face.

Off the Shoulder + Faux Bob
Because this neckline creates a lovely frame for your collarbone, a hairstyle that falls right above your shoulders is an excellent choice. Ask for a 'faux bob' (anyone with shoulder-length or longer hair can wear it). After curling hair, tuck it under at the nape of your neck in sections and secure with bobby pins. Then gently muss the sides and the crown, allowing the curls to softly frame your face.
Today we are going to tell you how to choosing a hairstyle that complements your wedding gown's neckline.

Scoop + Braided Halo
The eclectic mix of ornate details on this gown's bodice calls for a bohemian hairstyle, and precludes the need for hair accessories. A braid used as a headband adds embellishment without detracting from the gown, and also echoes the curved shape of the neckline. Pin hair at the nape of your neck so that it lies flat, then wrap a thick ropelike braid of hair extensions around your head and tuck the ends under in the back.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

After Sales Questions In Our Store

*If I have a problem with my purchase, how do I contact you?

You can contact our customer service department at . It would be helpful if you have photos of the purchase to show us exactly what the problem is.

*How do I send back my purchase?

Once you have contacted our customer service department and we agree to give you a refund or exchange, they will give you an address and return code. If you do not use this return code we have the right to reject the returned package. If the purchase is not in the same condition before shipping it to you, for example if it looks like it has been worn or has stains, then we will refuse to refund you this dress. We advise you to send the purchase back via the post office otherwise you might be asked for additional taxes.

*How can I get refund if I have already shipped back my dress(es)?

When we receive your purchase, we will decide whether we can give you a refund according the conditions of our refund policy. If we agree to refund, our customer service will contact you. Please not that if your order is not in the same condition as it was before shipping to you, i.e. stained or it seems worn, then you will not be refunded.

*Do I need to pay for shipping fee if I send the item back to you?

If we have made the mistake, then we will pay for the shipping fee. However, if it is not our fault, then we will not pay for it.

*I’ve received my dress but it is very creased. What do you advise me to do?

Your dress will have been packed by the shipping company, therefore it is more that likely that it will be creased during transit. This is true of anything you buy from any online clothing company. Before wearing the garment, we advise all customers to get the garment professionally pressed or steamed. To minimize the creases in the dress, we also sell a box to pack the dress in for an extra charge. You can choose this option at the checkout.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Take Your Wedding Dresses Home

We have all of the bridal fashion you need for a gorgeous wedding. Whether you are looking for bridal gowns, prom dresses, or formal bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids, we has the look that will fit your style and budget. Our bridesmaid dresses are made with the same care as our wedding gowns and formal dresses. And we have been designing bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses for many years.Our bridal gowns and prom dresses are affordable, yet we never sacrifice quality for price. Wearing our beautiful wedding gowns, prom gowns, or bridesmaid dresses brings elegance and sophistication to your special occasion.
Here I will tell something about our wedding gowns in details.
Our wedding dresses is include Wedding Dresses 2010, Wedding Dresses 2011, Beach Wedding Dresses, Plus Size Wedding Dresses, A-Line Wedding Dresses, Full Skirt Wedding Dresses, Mermaid Wedding Dresses, Tea Length Wedding Dresses, Column Wedding Dresses, Chiffon Wedding Dresses, Garden/Outdoor Wedding Dresses, Muslim Wedding Dresses and Strapless Wedding Dresses. And Bridesmaid Dresses, Mother of the Bride Dresses and Evening Dresses are offered too. In addition, the Celebrity Evening Dresses is featured in Oscar Dresses. Every design can be found in our store soon after it appears. Also Prom Dresses, Cocktail Dresses and Flower Girl Dresses give you several chooses. Many kinds of Wedding Dress Accessories can be chosen from our online shop. Jacket, Veil, Handbag, Crown, Gloves, Necklace, Nu Bra, Petticoat, Shawl etc.
What's more, you can change fee directly of ask for rush fee if your time is limited. And if you can't find one that you want, we also provide custom made, or you have any other question you can cantact us directly by the Live Support.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wedding Guides and Tips

Wedding is every woman's the most memorable time, but planning weddings can be tough. Here I will give you some tips about how to reduce this feeling.
You should keep your cool and recognize that you’re not alone, you'll be fine. There's a lot of effort that goes into coming up with themes for a wedding. Color can help make the entire day special. Get some ideas on how to have a colorful wedding.
Giving a toast at a wedding can be a nerve wracking event. Here are a few tips to anyone who has to make a wedding toast to go smoother.The best wedding toasts that I've ever witnessed, make your audience both laugh, then cry, or vice versa. The wedding toast that combines a nice balance of humor and sentimental moments will surely draw your guests in. This is a good tip to keep in mind as you start writing the big speech.
It's wonderful going out looking for the perfect wedding gowns, but there are three questions to ask yourself when you're trying to choose the one for you. They are: does it flatter my figure? Does it fit within my budge and will I love it in 20 years?
Are you trying to figure out what to do with your hair for your wedding? You might want to highlight it by adding bridal hair pins, which can add both style and a little sparkle to your do.
Something wedding parties need to know is how many people are coming to their wedding. Getting out Save The Date cards way in advance can help your invitees lock in those dates.
Honeymoon options are endless…there are romantic resorts and first-class destinations throughout the world. Regardless of whether you want to relax on the beach, or cool off near a glacier-fed lake, this list of the world's 10 Best Honeymoon Vacations is sure to have a few options that you'll enjoy. They are Las Vegas, Nevada: The Bellagio Hotel, The Big Island, Hawaii: Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Alberta, Canada: Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Acapulco, Mexico: Camino Real Acapulco Diamante, Palm Beach, Aruba: Hyatt Regency Aruba Beach Resort & Casino, St. John, US Virgin Islands: Caneel Bay, Bora Bora, French Polynesia: Bora Bora Lagoon Resort, Florence, Italy: Grand Hotel Florence, Bali, Indonesia: Amankila, Mangiss and Orlando, Florida: Walt Disney World Resorts.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Measure Yourself Before Buying Wedding Dresses

It is not so easy to order the right size of a wedding dresses. In order to avoid wasting you time and money, you should know how to measure yourself and get the right size. Many professional website have a special area to tell you the common questions that you will come across when buying wedding dresses, look carefully. Here I want to offer you the most professional measure method.

■Bust:Measure Around The Fullest Part Of Your Bust.
■Waist:Measure Around The Smallest Part Of Your Waistline.
■Hips:Measure Around The Widest Part Of Your Hips.
■Length: Measure From Top Of The Shoulder Through The Nipple To Floor,Including The Height Of Wedding Shoes.
■Under Bust:Measure Around Under Your Bust.
■Nipple To Nipple: The Measurement Between Your Two Nipples.
■Shoulder To NiPPLE:Measure From Top Of The Shoulder To Nipple.
■Shoulder TO Waist:Measure From Top Of The Shoulder Through The Nipple TO Waist.
■Shoulder To Hips:Measure From Top Of The Shoulder Through The Nipple TO Hips.
■Shoulder To Shoulder:Measure Your Shoulder Width From The Back.
■Neck:Measure Around The Fullest Part Of Your Neck.
■Biceps:Measure Around The Widest Part Of Your Arm.
■Please Measure With Bra and Underwear On.
■Remember To Keep The Measuring Tape Comfortably Loose.

1. Please tell us your "Height with Shoes on" (measured from top head to the floor when you wear your wedding shoes).
2. Remember to wear your Wedding Underwear and your Wedding Shoes when measuring.
3.Tell us if you use inches or centimeterS.
4. Measure yourself by a Professional Tailor.
5. It is very normal to have 3CM measurement error between the sizes you provide and the sizes of the dress you will receive.

If you have done as what I said above, hardly any problem can be encounter. And if really have one you can contact with the seller, most time they are very pleasure to help you. Nowadays, wedding dresses online shop is more and more high quality and also has the best after service. You should feel free to ask for their help.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Choosing a wedding dress can be one of the best and one of the worst parts of planning a wedding. On average, a bride will try on nearly 20 gowns before finding the perfect wedding dress, and of course she'll look at many, many more. And it takes four to six months to have a dress made and fitted, sometimes longer for one with intricate handwork. If you start shopping eight to twelve months in advance, you won't feel rushed -- or encounter rush charges.
Keep your Body Type in mind. A number of different dress styles available to choose from that will flatter different body shapes but there are no hard and fast rules. Unless you are a frequent wearer of extravagant frocks and therefore know what suits you, you should aim to try on an example of each shape to get an idea of what you like. Have a think about what you consider to be your best and worst features, the perfect dress will disguise or draw attention from your least favourite parts and highlight all the best bits. Like any other type of clothing, wedding dresses are subject to fashion, but you need to ensure that the dress you choose is the right one for you. Remember, choosing a dress that is the height of fashion now may quickly look dated in your wedding photos. You can choose dresses or two piece outfits and both have advantages, but for both you will need to think about a number of aspects of your outfit. The Boyish Shape. Boy-shaped women have a very small bust, a small bottom with no curves, typical of the masculine shape which is the source of this shape's name. While they may have nothing to hide, a common complaint from women with this shape is that they equally have nothing to show off. Legs and tummy are the boy-shape's best friends. Women with this shape should accentuate their long legs as they are always very thin. Slim legs automatically look longer giving even small 'boys' the illusion of height, always a plus. The boyish shape should accentuate their slender shoulders and slim arms by wearing little on top. Don't hide your best bits with a veil or shawl. And they are free to wear as much detail up top as she likes. Detail on your neck area such as diamante make your bust area look bigger than it is, something the boy-shape needs. The Pear. Pears are disproportionately bigger on the bottom so choosing something that hides that is important. Empire line skirts have an unstructured waist so that it falls in a straight line past the hips and into the skirt. This is good if you're trying to avoid clinging around the bottom area. Ball gown dresses skim over the hips and thighs too. Overall though, the perfect dress for this body shape overall is an A-line deep halter dress with a low back. This highlights all of your assets whilst hiding your apparent flaws. The Apple. A bodice worn with an A-line skirt - slim at the waist and flared at the bottom - is a popular choice for apples who need to pull themselves in around the middle Choosing a bodice with a lot of detailing around the bust will promote that area well. The Hourglass. This shape is by far the easiest to dress because virtually any style can be adapted to suit, you can choose to highlight your curves by wearing a fish-tail skirt which will show off your womanly shape to perfection. Alternatively, you can emphasise your bust area by wearing an empire-line top. You could also focus on your small waist region by wearing a well-fitted bodice.
Does it have to be white? A white wedding may have been the norm in the past but a current trend, especially in the US, is to add a splash of color to the ceremony, starting with the dress. But don't be tempted to overindulge in color. Bridal shop owners will tell you that few brides opt for pure white dresses in any case, as they can be a disaster unless you have the right colouring; an off-white, ivory or cream shade is often easier to wear. It is the most important day of your life, you want to look special so there's no point in just wearing a dress that you could wear on any night out with the girls. Choose something special and avoid choosing colors you wear often. You can still wear what suits you, just spice it up a little.More frequently women are opting for dramatic reds or soft pinks, pale golds or pretty lilacs - choose your favourite colour or the one that makes your skin look gorgeous.
Fabrics. Fabric choice for wedding dresses changes little from season to season. Wedding dresses come in a variety of fabrics from very light materials like chiffon and crepe, through satins and silk to heavy brocades. You may not want a heavy fabric if you are doing the deed at the height of summer, and a whisper of chiffon may not be the thing if you expect to have to go outside into snowstorms.
There are numerous options when it comes to buying a wedding dress, and which you go for will depend on your budget, taste, body style and the amount of time you have before the big day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Choose a Mother of The Bride Dress

The bride probably has the maximum pressure on her big day. Right from selecting the wedding gown to the caterers, decorations, food, guests lists etc. Another huge responsibility for the bride is to choose her bridesmaid's dresses as well as her mother's dress. Mother dresses are harder than normal to come by considering the larger dress sizes that most clothing manufacturers stock. This may mean that your options are more limited than you would like. So I will give you some tips on how to choose a mother of the bride dress.When you set out to select a mother of the bride dress, do remember that this is a proud moment in your mother's life. Her little baby girl is getting married. You should be careful as well as choosing your own dress.

Four Steps in Choosing

Know your mother's taste.
This will save many an argument. Get a pen, paper and catalog and go through with her to find out what style she likes. Find a dress that is flattering to her shape, size and taste. You should do this at the very beginning.

Consider your mother's personal style.
The first step to choosing a dress for your mother is considering her personal style and how she likes to dress. If she's more traditional or conservative, the traditional style of a long dress with a formal jacket could be appropriate. If she's a more trendy or edgy dresser, she might want a dress with a little more pizzazz.

Copy the wedding theme.
Select a dress for your mother that suits the theme and style of the wedding. A wedding with avant-garde flower arrangements and a modern wedding gown style calls for the mother of the bride to be dressed in a modern, classy dress, while a more old-fashioned theme will call for something more classic and refined.

Complement the color scheme.
Choose a dress for your mother that complements the color scheme of the wedding. The mother of the bride's dress should be similar in color to the bridesmaid's dresses and any color trim on the tuxedos of the groomsmen, but it should not be the exact same shade. This will allow her to stand out in the wedding party as a special member.

Tips & Warnings

Avoid the color black and grey, these might seem fitting for an older woman at a formal event, they are out of place at a wedding.

Avoid matching the mother of the bride's dress to the bridesmaids.

Never select something that is too youthful for your mom. Select something age appropriate.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The True Artists --Wedding Cake Designers

Choosing a wedding cake is probably one of the most enjoyable things about marriage planning, but it can take time to find just the right cake and just the right person to create it. The cake designer's job begins when he or she meets with a client. Taking the wishes of the client the designer must then come up with a design that will please the couple without being repetitive.
The wedding cake is the centre piece of any wedding reception and must not only be pleasing to see and taste but it must also last for several hours in a warm reception hall. So it will be a hard work. I always feel amazing about the cakes in people's wedding, they are in unique style as the bride and bridegroom's wishes and also taste good. Cake designers generally begin planning the creation of a wedding cake weeks in advance. Typically they have sevical assistants who help them bring their vision to life. The assistants help with the creation of the hundreds of sugar paste flowers, birds, shells or ribbons that the cake will use or help whip up the icing and batter. So, the designer is the one who has to put everything together in a perfect way so that when the wedding guests walk into the reception hall they are left speechless.The wedding cake is now a central feature of most American and Canadian wedding celebrations, so the cake designer is more and more popular and with one and one amazing opus they designed, they are called the true artists.