Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tips To Be The Homecoming Queen

If you can't wait to put on gorgeous wedding gowns any more, while have not ideal groom-to-be, don't be so upset. There are other types of occasions in which you may dress yourself into a Cinderella. Just as a prom or a homecoming. You will need to find out a dress that looks stunning on you. If you want to be the homecoming queen as long as you show up in the party, you may need the following tips.

1. Stick to simple style
Some girls want to choose ball gowns with tulle layers or ruffles to appear like a princess. That is a mistake. It's better for you to dress like a young lady rather than a little school girl in such dancing party. Evening dresses of simple style can achieve the effect. Too much complicated designs can only make you eccentric.

2. Choose suitable colors
You can not simply choose the color you have preference to. Great colors should complement your skin tones and make you outstanding. Although black and white are timeless, you'd better go for more vibrant colors to show your youth and energy. Consider homecoming dresses of jewel tones and metallics, which will really look marvellous for an evening dancing party.

3. Review the celebrity dresses before hand
Celebrities rarely make mistakes when they attend grand ceremonies like walking trough the red carpet. You may duplicate a classic look of your favourite stars to help you look fashionable and sophisticated at night.

4. Pay attention to the length
As you are going to a dancing party, you have to keep the length of your dress in mind. Too long strain may have influence on your movement, thus you may not focus on dancing. While you may think too short skirt is not formal enough. Then you can take tea-length or ankle-length dress in consideration. Consequently you are able to show your eye catching high heels as well.

Choose your ideal homecoming dresses according to these simple primary rules. If you make brilliant choices of classic styles, you may reuse them later. Maybe you can make little changes and use them as the wedding guest dresses when your best girlfriends get married. Then you can recall your best school time together.