Friday, August 10, 2012

The Best Man's Wedding Duties

We don't get bestowed with the title "best" very often in our lives. Being asked to be the best man in a wedding is a great honor. It shows that your friend or family member holds your relationship in great esteem. You've been his go-to guy in life; now he needs you to be his point person during this weighty rite-of-passage.
So don't just shuffle through your role; instead, help your buddy through the most important day of his life by stepping up and fulfilling your duties with competence. What does the best man do at a wedding? What are the best man responsibilities and duties? Don't worry, I've got best man advice and answers guaranteed to help you.

Before the Wedding

Help the groom choose his tux suit and organize fittings for him and also the groomsmen, if needed. Attend the engagement party and meet the family. One of the responsibilities of the best man is to meet the family of the groom, this will help get some idea on how the wedding could turn out. As Best Man it's down to you to organise the bachelor party. If you're stuck for ideas or simply want to make his last days of freedom truly unique and memorable then check out our tips and guide to the perfect bachelor party. Help the groom with the wedding preparations. Go to the rehearsals - You don't want to ruin your friend's big day by not knowing what to do as the best man, so always be there for the rehearsals. This is one of the more important things when it comes to weddings and best man etiquette.

On The Day

It's up to you to get the groom to ceremony on time--especially if the bachelor party was held the night before.
The best man stands next to the groom, holds the bride's ring until it's time for the groom to put it on her finger and escorts the maid of honor during the closing procession.

During the Wedding Reception

Give a toast to the couple and make a speech. The best man is famed for giving the first speech at the wedding reception, and he should spend time crafting and rehearsing it.
Dance with the bride, the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. This is one best man duty a lot of men like. Once the new Mr & Mrs have had their first dance it is traditional for the Best Man to dance with the chief bridesmaid. Even if you're not a dancing man make sure you help to break the ice, make everyone feel at home and get the party into full swing.

Is there are mountain of gifts building up on a table somewhere? There's possibly far too many for the bride and groom to carry on their own so with the help of the other groomsman and bridesmaids help carry any wedding gifts to the bridal suite or waiting car. Finally, the best man is also responsible for packing the groom's suitcase for the honeymoon and organizing a getaway car for the airport.