Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trendy Wedding Manicure Ideas for 2013 Summer

The latest wedding manicure trends vary from super-fun and tactile caviar polish to elegant nails in full-coverage nudes and the hottest colors of the season.

Ombre Glitter:
Ombre manicures are those where each fingernail is painted in a different shade of the same color or more than one shade on each nail. For summer wedding manicures, ombre polish designs get a dazzling glitter accent.

Diamond Dust Manicure:
This nail look is soft and timeless and made from real diamond dust! Available in colors Asscher, Navette and Princess, we think diamond dust manicures in these shades will make the princess in every bride really glow.

Neon Nail Polish:
Bright neon manicure shades of magenta, lemon and turquoise will really draw eyes to the engagement ring! Beatriz Blanco at Dress Up Dress Down created her own neon ombre manicure look with Lola (neon orange) and La Vida Loca (neon pink) nail shades from Orly.