Saturday, April 27, 2013

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2014 Bridal Collection

Another feast for the eyes during the week, that of Monique Lhuillier. What can you really say about Monique Lhuillier's wedding dresses that the gowns themselves don't tell you immediately? They are so beautiful, so glamorous, and so perfectly fashion forward yet innocently sweet - their charm jumps right off the page. For her Spring 2014 Collection, Monique Lhuillier considered every type of bride: "from City Hall to the altar, whether there are hundreds of guests or just two," the designer said. The result is a collection featuring clean lines, heart-melting mini shifts with matching jackets, full-length capes in silk crepe and lace, and, of course, the designer's beloved whimsical ball gowns.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Discount Attention: Bridesmaid Dresses-- £ 15 Off

Ladies, since we have offered you the discount on your summer beach wedding gowns, it’s time to provide your bridesmaids with the preferential treatment! A perfect wedding can never do without the stunning bridesmaid dresses. If you have decided on your wedding gowns, then take some time to pick out your bridesmaids dresses. Scroll down, and I’m sure you’ll find out your perfect bridesmaid dresses at an affordable price.

Purple is regarded as the most elegant and graceful color in the world. Why not add some romance to your wedding by choosing the purple bridesmaid dresses?

Green is always the color of energy and life. Choose the fresh green for your summer wedding will bring the vitality to your wedding.

As a noble and dignity color, blue is always the preferred choice for your summer beach wedding.

Sweet, romantic, feminine and girly, pink is sought-after color in wedding.

The vibrant and eye-catching color is especially suitable for your summer wedding.

Nude color is increasing in popularity recently. Keep up with this trend and select the nude bridesmaid dresses.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Discount Attention: Summer Wedding Dresses-- £ 30 Off

My ladies! Summer is drawing near and the wedding season is also approaching. It’s the time to host your wedding. Most of young couples enjoy the sunshine, the fresh breeze, the endless blue sky and want to incorporate all these elements to their wedding. Then a beach wedding becomes their first choice. Besides all the preferred details, the soft golden sand, the cool ocean, the lighthouse… there are lots of love about having a beach wedding. Our site is always here serving for you, lol… we are offering you lots of chiffon beach wedding dresses at an affordable price. Click here to see which ‘the one’ is!

Strapless Neckline
Needlessly to say, strapless neckline is always the preferred choice of brides who are about to have a beach wedding. You can accessorize this neckline easily even you are bold enough to choose the statement neckline.

Sweetheart Neckline
The girly and romantic neckline is popular among the brides who want to take a more feminine look.

One-Shoulder Neckline
This asymmetrical neckline is increasing in popularity not only in wedding, but also in special occasion dresses. The single shoulder will keep your dress from falling especially when it comes to the outdoor wedding.

V-Neck Neckline
Sexy while feminine, the V-neck wedding dresses will always bring you the unexpected surprise. 

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