Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Save Money on Your Wedding

If you're hoping on planning a wedding on a budget, you'll need some tips.

1. Make a list of things that you want for the wedding. This would include the venue, wedding catering, wedding gowns, decoration, wedding favors, etc.
2. The best time to have a wedding is the festival time. Or pick a weekday for you wedding, the vendors tend to charge more for weekend weddings, weekday weddings aren't meant to discourage your guests, but to save the money that will be unnecessarily spent on renting the venue, car, lights, tables and other such stuff on a weekend.
3. Cut short your guest list to only those intimate family members and friends who make a difference in your life. Don't hand out the wedding invitations to everyone you know.
4. Check at consignment shops where you can buy a wedding dress cheaper than its actual price. You can also rent a wedding gown or borrow it from your sister or friend. If you are good at sewing, making a wedding dress yourself would also be a great idea.
5. You do not need to spend lavishly to make your venue beautiful. Choose flowers and other decorative things that match the theme of your marriage.