Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts Ideas

Choose bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts is a tough decision. Although bridesmaid gifts such as jewelry or key chains are constant favorites, but why not give something different, such as a personalized bracelet, an engraved key ring, or a timeless keepsake box. Another bridesmaid gift idea is the handbags, which come in many styles and different colors. A handbag makes a perfect gift since most bridesmaids have to carry their personal belongings among other things during your wedding preparation.
Men usually prefer stuff that are useful in their life and engraved stuff. You must take into consideration the areas of interest of the groomsmen. If you have more numbers of groomsmen, think about the gifts very minutely. Make sure that the gifts should be unique and remind them that these are special groomsmen gifts. An engraved cufflink, travel bag, toiletry kit set, a cigar holder, a classic engraved pen set, Zippo lighters, a card holder, a bottle of best wine, a picture frame which has pictures of some of your best times also can be a good choice.
You also can make gifts by your own hands. A hand painted coffee mug, nice aromatic candles, write a very personalized poem, homemade jams and pickles, a hand knitted scarf or sweater, a scrapbook or an album will let the bridesmaids and groomsmen cherish for lifetime.