Monday, August 22, 2011

Choose the Perfect Wedding Location

The key to choose the perfect place to exchange your vows is in knowing what you're looking for - the more details you have while looking, the better you can choose a site that meets all of your needs.When it comes to choosing a location, two heads are better than one. Sit down with your spouse-to-be and make a list of potential sites. Keep the following in mind when deciding on a location:

1. How many guests do you want, and how mobile are they?
Is your dream wedding small or a Broadway-worthy production? Your answer may determine the location. Why? Even though the day is about you, it’s also about your guests. If your closest friends all have toddlers, is it fair to request their presence at a safari wedding in South Africa? If relatives are elderly, can you expect them to make it safely to the beach? You won’t be able to please everyone, but consider making a concession or two if it means your loved ones will attend.

2. Do you want a religious ceremony?
Remember the needs of your guests and entertainment - do any of them require any special arrangements? For instance, can that tiny church house an entire orchestra? Is there enough parking for 300 of your closest friends? How many guests? The type of wedding you have will depend partly on how big it will be, so here are some things to think about before approaching wedding venues: Venue capacity: It may sound obvious but many venues will not be able to magic up extra space from nowhere if you add 20 extra guests at the last minute. You should have a good idea of numbers before you start looking at venues.

3. Flexibility
If you are flexible with the time of week, and the time of day you want to get married there will be more small wedding venues available to you. There’s a greater chance that your chosen venue will be available on a Sunday night, than on Saturday. Remember that no matter what you choose for your wedding date, it’s best to start your search for a venue early. Places can book up over a year in advance.

The most popular options of wedding venue:
Hotel wedding reception. There are so many different types of hotel that there’s likely to be something for everyone, from traditional to ultra-modern.

Restaurant or pub wedding reception. Food and drink are among the main ingredients for a successful wedding reception. Bear in mind that you’re more likely to find a good match if your wedding party is smaller.

Historic wedding reception venue. Castles, country houses and stately homes are among the locations many dream of for their big day. If your budget can stretch to it, this offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the use of a stunning building.