Thursday, December 15, 2011

Black Women Concealer Wedding Makeup Tips

Learn how to apply concealer makeup on your wedding day on wedding day makeup tips for black women.

When you put the concealer on and the powder it keeps the oils from coming through and it would keep your mascara and everything in place. Most important you definitely need to put on a eye cream. Putting on a concealer on a dry eye is only going to make your eye look really dry because the eye would suck up the moisture from the concealer and it would start to go into the lines. So you just put your eye cream right at the corner edge and always tap gently with the index finger.
Then you want to use a concealer about a hue shade lighter and I always recommend just brushing it on. I recommend brushes for pretty much everything and then tapping with the finger afterwards just to smooth it out. Then you put over the whole lid. Close. This is just going to even out the whole skin tone and make a beautiful pallet to start with and then on the other eye tap it in.