Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to Choose Second Marriage Wedding Dresses

Choosing second marriage wedding dresses seem like a daunting task to most second time brides to-be. There are innumerable etiquettes and unspoken rules that the couple is expected to adhere to. Right from the dress of the bride, to the venue of the wedding, everybody has to give their valuable inputs. The bride especially, finds herself in a tight spot when it comes to choosing her wedding dress.

The choice of your wedding dress would primarily depend upon your overall wedding decorations. Prior to 1840, when queen Victoria mesmerized everyone with her white bridal outfit and unknowingly made white as an official color for bridal gowns, brides used to wear dresses in any color. Hence, you may or may not choose to wear white outfit on your wedding. You can also take your pick from other subdued colors like ivory and pastels. Cocktail dresses are best suited for second marriages and look great even on older brides. Free-flowing cocktail dresses in pastel, with or without straps are ideal bridal wedding dresses for second time brides. If you are planning an extravagant affair to celebrate your second marriage then, you may as well take your pick from the beautiful designer wedding dresses.