Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Create A Mad Men Style Wedding

Whether you're a huge fan or not, it's hard not to notice the influence Mad Men has had on the revival of 1950's and 1960's style. With that in mind, I decided to show you how to create your own Mad Men style wedding.

The Dresses and Ring
Elizabeth Fillmore included these gorgeous designs in her 2012 collections.

Left: Keshett cushion cut and round brilliant cut ring. Right: Bill Hicks Jewellery Design engagement rings.
Hair and Makeup, the Bridesmaids
The look on the left highlights winged eyeliner, candy cheeks and pastel-pink lips. These are all features of 1960's style. The hair style on the right, epitomised by Marilyn Monroe is all about high glamour and femininity.

Short dresses are prominent in both 1950's and 1960's style, so why not continue this throughout your bridal party. This is also your chance to feature any colour you wish!