Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sneaky Sneakers Wedding Shoes

Shoes are a must have accessory for any wedding, but it’s definitely something that gets lost and not always noticed by guests, so for memory purposes, great shots of shoes can be a stunning photo.

There are so many types of shoes available now-a-days from strapless to pumps to boots to stilettos to gladiators to sandals to takkies to sneakers...

Shoes are also a creative and fun way to show off your personality. If you are a sporty person, go for a funky sneaker or takkie shoe.

Cute meets comfy in a gorgeous pair of sneakers.Not only will you have guests talking, but a good pair of sneakers will ensure that you are comfortable as you mingle, dance and pose the night (or day) away.

The key is to find someone that can create a unique pair of sneakers for your wedding day if you do not trust your own craft skills. Paint them and embellish them with beads, lace, sequins, ribbons and buttons in one or more colours. If you want to be different but don’t want to negotiate on a traditional white gown, sneakers are a great way of having something unique and memorable that does not dominate your entire outfit.