Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Choose a Mother of The Bride Dress

The bride probably has the maximum pressure on her big day. Right from selecting the wedding gown to the caterers, decorations, food, guests lists etc. Another huge responsibility for the bride is to choose her bridesmaid's dresses as well as her mother's dress. Mother dresses are harder than normal to come by considering the larger dress sizes that most clothing manufacturers stock. This may mean that your options are more limited than you would like. So I will give you some tips on how to choose a mother of the bride dress.When you set out to select a mother of the bride dress, do remember that this is a proud moment in your mother's life. Her little baby girl is getting married. You should be careful as well as choosing your own dress.

Four Steps in Choosing

Know your mother's taste.
This will save many an argument. Get a pen, paper and catalog and go through with her to find out what style she likes. Find a dress that is flattering to her shape, size and taste. You should do this at the very beginning.

Consider your mother's personal style.
The first step to choosing a dress for your mother is considering her personal style and how she likes to dress. If she's more traditional or conservative, the traditional style of a long dress with a formal jacket could be appropriate. If she's a more trendy or edgy dresser, she might want a dress with a little more pizzazz.

Copy the wedding theme.
Select a dress for your mother that suits the theme and style of the wedding. A wedding with avant-garde flower arrangements and a modern wedding gown style calls for the mother of the bride to be dressed in a modern, classy dress, while a more old-fashioned theme will call for something more classic and refined.

Complement the color scheme.
Choose a dress for your mother that complements the color scheme of the wedding. The mother of the bride's dress should be similar in color to the bridesmaid's dresses and any color trim on the tuxedos of the groomsmen, but it should not be the exact same shade. This will allow her to stand out in the wedding party as a special member.

Tips & Warnings

Avoid the color black and grey, these might seem fitting for an older woman at a formal event, they are out of place at a wedding.

Avoid matching the mother of the bride's dress to the bridesmaids.

Never select something that is too youthful for your mom. Select something age appropriate.