Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hairstyles & Wedding Gown’s Neckline

Today we are going to tell you how to choose a hairstyle that complements your wedding gown's neckline.

Bateau + Reverse French Twist
This neckline falls right at, or sometimes above, the collarbone, making an updo your best bet. Anything too sexy or casual won’t fit with this demure look, so stick to a clean, sophisticated hairstyle. Here, we update the French twist by gathering hair at the crown, twisting down, then wrapping the twist into a neat chignon.

Illusion + Half Updo
An illusion neck (one with a sheer fabric panel extending from the bust to the collar) offers some versatility. If the illusion part of the bodice is beaded, try a full-on updo to show off the details. But if it's plain sheer fabric, a half-up/half-down style is a nice compromise. For this look, have your stylist tease at the roots to create lift, then twist the top portion into a mini bun.

High Neck + French-Braid Updo
You can beautifully showcase a high neckline with an updo that pulls hair completely off your face and shoulders. Make a side part, then create two tight French braids—one that runs asymmetrically across the top of your head, and another that runs straight back. Twist them together in the back and pin. For more dimension, add a veil or a large flower.

One Shoulder + Asymmetrical Twist
To create visual balance with a one-shouldered gown and avoid obscuring any special details, like the bow on this design, request a style that's anchored to one side, opposite the strap. An off-center chignon echoes the asymmetry of the neckline and feels sexy and modern. Ask your stylist for brushed-out curls twisted to one side and pinned loosely.

Strapless + Glamorous Waves
A strapless neckline offers the perfect opportunity to wear hair down: Long locks help to 'break up' the amount of decolletage on display. For this look, ask your stylist to give you a deep side part and gently brushed-out curls (or just say you want 'Veronica Lake waves'). A silk flower pin tucked behind one ear will keep hair out of your face.

Off the Shoulder + Faux Bob
Because this neckline creates a lovely frame for your collarbone, a hairstyle that falls right above your shoulders is an excellent choice. Ask for a 'faux bob' (anyone with shoulder-length or longer hair can wear it). After curling hair, tuck it under at the nape of your neck in sections and secure with bobby pins. Then gently muss the sides and the crown, allowing the curls to softly frame your face.
Today we are going to tell you how to choosing a hairstyle that complements your wedding gown's neckline.

Scoop + Braided Halo
The eclectic mix of ornate details on this gown's bodice calls for a bohemian hairstyle, and precludes the need for hair accessories. A braid used as a headband adds embellishment without detracting from the gown, and also echoes the curved shape of the neckline. Pin hair at the nape of your neck so that it lies flat, then wrap a thick ropelike braid of hair extensions around your head and tuck the ends under in the back.