Wednesday, July 27, 2011

After Sales Questions In Our Store

*If I have a problem with my purchase, how do I contact you?

You can contact our customer service department at . It would be helpful if you have photos of the purchase to show us exactly what the problem is.

*How do I send back my purchase?

Once you have contacted our customer service department and we agree to give you a refund or exchange, they will give you an address and return code. If you do not use this return code we have the right to reject the returned package. If the purchase is not in the same condition before shipping it to you, for example if it looks like it has been worn or has stains, then we will refuse to refund you this dress. We advise you to send the purchase back via the post office otherwise you might be asked for additional taxes.

*How can I get refund if I have already shipped back my dress(es)?

When we receive your purchase, we will decide whether we can give you a refund according the conditions of our refund policy. If we agree to refund, our customer service will contact you. Please not that if your order is not in the same condition as it was before shipping to you, i.e. stained or it seems worn, then you will not be refunded.

*Do I need to pay for shipping fee if I send the item back to you?

If we have made the mistake, then we will pay for the shipping fee. However, if it is not our fault, then we will not pay for it.

*I’ve received my dress but it is very creased. What do you advise me to do?

Your dress will have been packed by the shipping company, therefore it is more that likely that it will be creased during transit. This is true of anything you buy from any online clothing company. Before wearing the garment, we advise all customers to get the garment professionally pressed or steamed. To minimize the creases in the dress, we also sell a box to pack the dress in for an extra charge. You can choose this option at the checkout.