Friday, July 22, 2011

Measure Yourself Before Buying Wedding Dresses

It is not so easy to order the right size of a wedding dresses. In order to avoid wasting you time and money, you should know how to measure yourself and get the right size. Many professional website have a special area to tell you the common questions that you will come across when buying wedding dresses, look carefully. Here I want to offer you the most professional measure method.

■Bust:Measure Around The Fullest Part Of Your Bust.
■Waist:Measure Around The Smallest Part Of Your Waistline.
■Hips:Measure Around The Widest Part Of Your Hips.
■Length: Measure From Top Of The Shoulder Through The Nipple To Floor,Including The Height Of Wedding Shoes.
■Under Bust:Measure Around Under Your Bust.
■Nipple To Nipple: The Measurement Between Your Two Nipples.
■Shoulder To NiPPLE:Measure From Top Of The Shoulder To Nipple.
■Shoulder TO Waist:Measure From Top Of The Shoulder Through The Nipple TO Waist.
■Shoulder To Hips:Measure From Top Of The Shoulder Through The Nipple TO Hips.
■Shoulder To Shoulder:Measure Your Shoulder Width From The Back.
■Neck:Measure Around The Fullest Part Of Your Neck.
■Biceps:Measure Around The Widest Part Of Your Arm.
■Please Measure With Bra and Underwear On.
■Remember To Keep The Measuring Tape Comfortably Loose.

1. Please tell us your "Height with Shoes on" (measured from top head to the floor when you wear your wedding shoes).
2. Remember to wear your Wedding Underwear and your Wedding Shoes when measuring.
3.Tell us if you use inches or centimeterS.
4. Measure yourself by a Professional Tailor.
5. It is very normal to have 3CM measurement error between the sizes you provide and the sizes of the dress you will receive.

If you have done as what I said above, hardly any problem can be encounter. And if really have one you can contact with the seller, most time they are very pleasure to help you. Nowadays, wedding dresses online shop is more and more high quality and also has the best after service. You should feel free to ask for their help.