Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tips on Choosing Flower Girl Dresses

A flower girl dress is usually selected by the bride depending on the length and color of the bridal gown. However, it is the girl's parents who pay for the dress. Hence, a flower girl dress price should be economical so as not to create a burden on the parents' pocket. The most fundamental aspect other than price that needs to be considered while shopping for a flower girl dress is that it should be appropriate and coordinate with the rest of the bridal party. The flower girl is an important part of the entire wedding ceremony and her attire should complement the wedding ensemble. It's said that the flower girl should appear as a miniature of the bride or that she should wear the similar dress to the bridesmaid dress. Often, a flower girl is dressed in a mini-version of the bride's dress, or a white dress with a sash that matches the bridesmaid's dresses. But you can choose any sweet dress that ties into the look of the wedding. It's wise to wear comfortably on any occasion; being comfortable is especially important for children. Flower girls are usually between the age of three and eight; they move around more and they control themselves less. So the dress should not be too long; otherwise she may be tripped over the hem. It’s just a wise choice to go with a flower girl dress that is cheaper but of equal quality and beauty to a more expensive dress from famous shops.