Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to choose your wedding shoes

Women bridal shoes are just as important as the wedding dress. As a result, you should also spend your time to choose your wedding shoes. You will just ruin all your effort on searching for your wedding dress if you do not get a good pair of bridal shoes.The right choice will give you a perfect moments every women should dream about; perfect wedding.

Comfort is the most important thing for a bride to consider when choosing bridal shoes for her wedding day. Remember you will be on your feet for a lot of the day, so if you don’t feel comfortable in sky-high stilettos choose a style with a lower heel. Think about whether you’ll be standing in grass, on sand or walking long distances. If you’re having a wedding by the beach, a gorgeous pair of flat wedding shoes or sandals may be more appropriate than towering wedding heels.
It’s also a good idea to wear in your bridal shoes before the big day. 20 minutes a day for two or three days before the wedding will help soften up the leather and make you aware of any spots that may require blister covers.