Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Red Wedding Theme

Red isn't a new colour for wedding dresses, in the east it's traditional to be married in red. For those who really like to be the centre of attention, a red wedding dress might be perfect. If you are going to have a red wedding gown, it is important you pick a flower bouquet that will be able to stand out against your red gown. Theres no need to have a wedding cake which is entirely red, red roses or ribbons on a simple white cake is good. Red wedding invitations and red wedding favors and name places are also needed. The color red is very bold, and dominant. Red comes in a variety of shades so a lighter red could work if you want to stay with an entirely red theme. It is important to pick your red color early on, because of the enormous number of shades there are. You do not want to have two clashing reds.