Monday, September 19, 2011

Clean a Wedding Gown

If you are planning on keeping your dress as a special memory of your wedding day. Or you want it as a family heirloom…maybe for a daughter or granddaughter to wear – then you definitely need to have your wedding dress properly and professionally preserved. If you're not going to take your bridal gown to a professional dry cleaner, there are very specific ways that you should clean it to ensure it isn't ruined. Lace material, especially the lace that is used for bridal gowns, is difficult to clean without ruining. The material will stain easily if cleaned wrong, fall apart if cleaned with harsh chemicals or not retain the same softness and beauty the lace bridal gown was purchased for.

1.Check the lace for damage before washing it, so you don't tear it or damage it further.
2.Fill your tub with warm water. Pour about about a full cup of detergent bleach into the water, if you are using a bathtub. Place the lace bridal gown in the water, and allow it to soak until the water cools.
3.After soaking, or if the lace doesn't need to be soaked for too long, gently wash the lace by folding it and rubbing it gently together. Don't grate the areas together, as this could cause fraying or wear in the lace.
4.Remove the lace gown, and drain the water when it is cold. Refill the basin or tub with warm water. Continue this process of removing the lace gown and replacing the water with detergent bleach for about 24 hours straight.
5.After the lace is clean, lay it out on a clean, dry surface; use something that the wet lace will not stick to
6.Or take your wedding gown to a professional dry cleaner that specializes in wedding gowns. It's best to check with your bridal salon for recommendations on cleaning. Ask the salon about dry cleaning options that include chemicals to preserve your wedding gown.