Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bridal Makeup Tips

Every bridal want to present her most beautiful face on the wedding day. Venue and event time play key roles; thay want to adjust their makeup for day or evening and for indoor or outdoor lighting. If your wedding is on the horizon and you've already picked the gown, the reception menu and the photographer to capture the big day, then you should turn attention to choosing a makeup style: Classic Bridal Makeup Style, Natural Bridal Makeup Style, Dramatic Bridal Makeup Style, Modern Bridal Makeup Style or Romantic Bridal Makeup Style.

1. Search for pictures that capture your ideal bridal look. If you decide to do it yourself, have a free professional makeover before the wedding and ask for detailed instructions on how to achieve your desired look.
2. Start with clean skin. Take a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser and wash your face, neck and chest. Let your face rest for 15 to 20 minutes after your cleansing routine.
3. Choose the most lightweight foundation possible. Choose a foundation color that matches your skin tone and apply it evenly over your face, blending it into your temples, hairline, earlobes, and, depending on the cut of your dress, down your neck and your cleavage.
4.Wear waterproof eye makeup so that tears of joy or the heat of summer don't make for streaks or smears. Use various shades of shadow to add definition to your eyes.
5.For a finished look, use an eyeliner pencil starting at the middle of the lash line and moving out. Forget the dramatic liquid eyeliners, and gently push the color into the base of your eyelashes as you apply.