Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stuff Wedding Invitations

Invitations come with inserts such as maps, response cards, perhaps even meal cards and gift registry information and should display all necessary information to potential guests. Stuffing the invitations is one task that can lead to some confusion. The most important thing to remember is that this is your wedding and, as long as it's not in poor taste. Use two envelopes. The outer envelope will be stamped and addressed after the invitation and other enclosures are placed in the inner envelope. Include information about hotels and other travel information. Give your out-of-town guests some options for affordable hotels. Enclose a reception card. If your reception won't be held in the same location as your wedding, use this card to notify guests. Place the enclosures, with the printed sides up, on top of the invitation. Seal the envelope and place it into the outer envelope. The flap of the inner envelope should be facing away from you, toward the front of the outer envelope.
1. Mail your invitations at least four to six weeks before your wedding date. To avoid returns and delays, bring an assembled invitation to your local post office and have a postal employee weigh it to determine the correct amount of postage.
2. Clean your hands and workspace before beginning to stuff invitations. Don't use tissue paper unless the invitations are engraved. Address invitations prior to stuffing to avoid damaging the materials inside the envelope.