Monday, October 17, 2011

Tips on Choosing Wedding Shoes

Visit wedding boutiques, department stores, online shops, or even vintage stores. Wedding shoes came in two options: traditional white silk or satin. However, times are changing and women are stepping outside of the aisle for their wedding fashion inspiration. If you are going to wear a pristine white wedding gown, then opt for a pale pearl shoe. On the contrary, if you have an off-white gown at hand, then pearl or ivory colored footwear would best complement it. If you plan to have a church or indoor wedding, make sure you check the flooring in advance or else you may end up sliding down the aisle as some floors can be extremely slippery. All said and done, high heels aren’t very easy on the feet. So, if you don’t really wish to walk down the aisle with aching feet, you can happily opt for medium heels instead. Flats and wedges are good if you have an outdoor reception. Strappy sandals and medium heels are best for beach weddings as they will help you walk elegantly on the soft sand without sinking your heels.