Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Design Your Bride Hair Style

Practice well before the big day to perfect the hairstyle, creating a wedding hairdo that is stunning regardless of its simplicity. This can either compliment or take away from your beauty on the most special day of your life.1. The bride's hairstyle should be chosen based not only on her preferences, but on what would work well with her dress.
2. Browse bridal magazines for pictures of bridal hairstyles. Cut out the photos that show hairstyles you may wish to wear for your wedding.
3. Shop for hair accessories that will work with your look and your headpiece.
4. Wash your hair the night before your wedding so that some of the natural oils can build up, which will help the curl hold better. If your hair doesn't hold curl well, wash your hair in the afternoon the day before your wedding to give it a little more time to get "dirty" and lose some of its softness. Your hair should be completely dry when you begin your wedding hairstyle.