Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Destination Wedding Tips

Destination weddings have become a huge hit with couples. Hawaii, Venice, Maldives, Sydney, Delhi, there is no dearth of exotic wedding destinations. Marrying on a beach or on a beautiful island is really catching up with those who wish to make their wedding a private affair. You could select any beautiful beach or exotic locales and have a wedding ceremony adapting to the local traditions and the destination wedding etiquette.

1. In a destination wedding, the tradition and custom of that place will have an influence on the wedding ceremony, wedding attire and food. So, you need to send invites to your family and friends so that they have an idea regarding the dress code and the theme of your wedding.
2. For destination weddings, it would be advisable to send the save-the-date notice at least 3-4 months before the wedding. Your wedding card design should be such that gives them the information about date, venue, style of wedding and attire if required.
3. While planning a destination wedding, most people plan a separate reception because some want it to be a private affair and thus, a lot of people might not be a part of it.
4. Since the guests would be traveling for your destination wedding, it is a nice idea to welcome them and show your gratitude and love by giving welcome gifts.