Friday, October 28, 2011

Bridal Jewelry Ideas

Wedding jewelry is as important as the wedding dresses, the right jewelry which match with your whole dress can help to accentuate your appearance add your charm. The kind of design one chooses is a matter of personal opinion. These days wearing a necklace that covers the entire neck of the dress is regarded flashy, posy and phony. While picking vintage inspired bridal jewelry or while designing your own, make sure the elements in the design, such as leaves, flowers, pendants, etc., are proportionate to your face size and suit your face shape. Wedding jewelry is more than just an accessory for most brides to be. The sentimental value is high as far as wedding jewelry is concerned. A wedding ring in particular is a symbol of trust and commitment for a married couple. A white wedding gown would look beautiful when combined with platinum or pearl jewelry. If your ear-rings are more long than broad, you can combine them with a suitable neck-piece. If instead your ear-rings are more elaborate, skip the neck-piece altogether. Think flowers and jewels when you think of vintage bridal jewelry. Jewelry back then was not supposed to be sleek or delicate - it was indulging and luxurious. A bracelet is very very important for a bride, you can opt for the single string delicate ones, or you can opt for a broader design. If your wrists are rather thin or small, I would suggest you go for a broad design. To add a characteristic and unique personal touch to the brooch, why not go for a bronze, A bronze brooch will look quite unique on an off-white colored wedding dress. If you do not want the brooch to be too flashy, try to include facets in the design. Go for a hair fascinator if you are not going to wear a veil. If you plan on wearing a veil, you can instead opt for a comb clip. You can design a stone studded comb clip and coordinate the design of the clip with that of the remaining jewelry you are going to wear.