Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hot Ideas and Tips for Winter wedding

Winter wedding can be terribly glamorous, cinematic and magical. With the right elements, your winter wedding will be a wonderland.
1. Pinecones and snowflakes are tried and true themes for the winter weddings.In order to ascertain an intimate wedding, it is advisable that the venue should have a fireplace.
2. In order to achieve a formal tone to the wedding, utilize thick and frosted Plexiglas invitations in white scripted ink. Send these invites tucked in silver envelope liners.
3. As the guests arrive, they can be offered hot chocolate in small espresso cups along with eggnog in tiny punch glasses.
4. Make arrangements so that the bride and the groom must travel to the reception by horse and carriage.
5. Make use of fuller flowers like soft ranunculuses and white hydrangeas.
6. For an extra wintery feel, use a crystal bouquet. Moreover, you can retain this bouquet forever as a remembrance of the wedding.